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What does the word finder do?

Heard a word, but only have a vague idea how it's spelled? Looking for words containing a certain combination of letters?

Looking for words that contain a certain root, prefix, suffix or letter combination?

The Word Finder can be used to do all these things simply by entering a series of letters (minimum 3) into the Word Finder search box and browsing the list of words returned.

You can also use the Word Finder as a spell checker: simply enter the word you want to check and see if it's returned by the word finder.

Medical secretaries and transcriptionists are the inspiration for our Word Finder: transcription tapes are often unclear and handwriting can be difficult to decipher, and we were getting requests for new ways to search for definitions when the whole word wasn't known.

You can choose to search the entire list of words or restrict your search to return only words included in the SOWPODS Scrabble dictionary.

The mondofacto Word Finder is our answer to this problem, so please let us know if it's helpful, and if there are any ways it could be improved. Contact us to leave your comments.

Using the word finder to locate a word:

Decide what series of letters you want your word/s to contain - this must be a minimum of three letters - and type them into the search box.

Next, decide whether these letters should appear at the start of the word (starts with), the end of the word (ends with), or in any position in the word (contains).

Click the find word button. The results of your search will be listed below in alphabetical order. You will be told how many words matched your search criteria. If there are more than 200 matches, you will be show the first 200 results and be invited to refine your search term.

Here's an example of a word finder search:

I'm looking for the word cryoprostatectomy - I'm not sure how this word is spelled but I know it starts with the letter series cryo. I type these letters into the word finder search box, make sure the starts with button is checked, and then click the find word button.

My search returns an alphabetic list of words starting with the letter series cryo. I browse down the list until I find cryoprostatectomy.

Using the word finder as a spell checker:

Go to the word finder homepage and type in the word you want to check. Click the find word button. If you have spelled the word correctly it will appear in the list of returned words. If the word is spelled incorrectly, try entering a series of letters that appear in that word (as above) and browse the word list for the correct spelling of your word.

Take a look at the example:

I want to check I have spelled the word hippocampus correctly. I enter the word into the word finder and click the find word button. Success! Hippocampus is returned, so I've spelled it correctly.

If I was unsure how hippocampus was spelled, I could enter a series of letters that I know appear in this word (minimum of 3); for example, I could enter campus into the word finder, click find word and browse the list of returned words to find the correct spelling for this term.

If you need further help with the Word finder have a look at our Advanced help page.