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writing skills

Topics to help you write better assignments, including advice on planning, structuring, proofreading and editing.

how to improve your punctuation

A well-placed semicolon never fails to impress, but at the very least you should know how to use commas - and how to avoid the 'greengrocer's apostrophe'.

how to write an abstract

Your abstract needs to tell readers what you did, why you did it, what you discovered, and why this matters - all in a couple of hundred words. This topic will help you to write an abstract with all the vital ingredients.

how to write your literature review

A great literature review is an integral part of a great project, dissertation or thesis - and it's usually worth a lot of marks! Discover why you need to review the literature and how to write your review.

how to use critical analysis

Getting to grips with critical analysis is worth doing, as it attracts a lot of marks. This topic introduces you to the basics of adding critical analysis to your writing and how to be a critical reader.

how to improve at proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing are often neglected, but they are vital parts of the writing process. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you'll always get a better mark for carefully proofread and edited work than for handing in a rambling, unstructured, poorly punctuated piece of writing that's riddle with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors!

how to improve your spelling

Do you struggle with spelling? This topic will cover the most commonly misspelt words, and tips on how to remember correct spellings.

how to write an assignment

Not every written assignments at university will be the familiar essay. You need to be prepared to tackle whatever they throw at you - from the 500-word research summary to the 10,000-word dissertation, and everything in between, and this topic will get you thinking about the different skills needed to write different assignments.

how to write paragraphs

Great writing requires great paragraphs. In this topic you'll discover exactly what a paragraph is, practice building paragraphs and make your paragraphs flow.

how to reference

Referencing is tricky: even seasoned academics struggle with it sometimes, but it's vital to get to grips with it, as good referencing is an integral part of university work - and, equally importantly, plagiarising is stealing. If you get the hang of referencing as an undergraduate, you'll find postgraduate studies are a lot easier too.