Study kits

Study kits

study kits

The mondofacto study skills kits contain the topics we think you'll find most useful when you've got a specific goal to achieve. Perhaps you've just started university, or you've a dissertation to write - whatever your aim, why not see if we've got a kit to help.

Revision help kit

If you have exams looming, our revision help kit has all the topics you need to get prepared. The kit includes topics on time management and choosing the right revision strategy for you. There's lots of helpful revision advice and useful tips on tackling tricky MCQ exams.

Dissertation writing kit

Dissertation or project looming? Not a clue where to start? Why not try the mondofacto dissertation writing kit. Our topics will guide you through all the stages of dissertation writing - from understanding what research is to the final proofread and edit, and everything in between.

University starter kit

For our university starter kit, we've chosen six study skills that we think all students need to make their first year at university as successful and stress-free as possible. We hope you find these topics useful. When you've finished these, we've lots more study skills topics that will help you with everything from creating a presentation to dealing with exam nerves.