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What does the Scrabble solver do?

While we, of course, don't condone cheating in word games, everyone needs a little help once in a while. The Scrabble Solver is a handy tool that will help you maximise your Scrabble score - and help you out when you've drawn six vowels and one consonant!

It contains all the words from the SOWPODS dictionary, so you can be confident that only official Scrabble words will be returned.

How do I use the Scrabble solver?

To use the Scrabble solver, enter your letters into the search box and click on the search button. Exact matches containing all your letters are listed first. The score you would receive for this word is also displayed. Shorter words that can be made from some of your letters are displayed next, with the score appearing in brackets after each word.

If there are no seven letter words that can be made from your combination of letters, a "no exact matches found" message will be returned, followed by a list of shorter words that can be made from some of the letters you entered.

If you need further help with the Scrabble solver have a look at our Advanced help page.