How to improve your spelling

How did you do?

Assessment: Spelling - 15 minutes

1. Read the following extract from a fictional student's essay.

2. Underline as many mistakes as you can find, and rewrite the correct paragraph. You can use your dictionary to help you.

3. You can compare your answers to the ones at then end of this course. If you missed or misspelt any of the incorrect spelling, you may wish to review the relevant rule described in the spelling course.

This essay will discuss the varying aspects of monkey managment. I will discuss the behaviour and missbehaviour of the monkies as well as any inproper or iregular actions I notice.

Monkies are very resourcful animals and our therefore extremly manageible in captivity. The bigest of all the species is the Mandrill at almost 1 metre long. Mandrills eat a diet which may contain the followwing; fruit, nuts, leafs, spiders, eggs and insects.)

Looking after such large mammals can be very commiting and the monkeys keepor is often one of the busyest members of staff in the zoo!)

It is important for the monkeys to be comfortible in there surroundings, for example. were they sleep is important. It is sensable to provide them with straw or hay to keep them warm. It is are responsibility to provide these animals with as much comfort as possable. Although we can see and here when animals are distresed we should seek to minimise this as it will have an affect on there welfare

How did you do?

When you have finished this activity, you can check your answers here.

how's your spelling?

1 - 5 corrections - You still seem to be struggling. Try reading over some of the rules; perhaps also ask a tutor if your spelling is affecting your grades.

6 - 10 corrections - Getting there, are there some rules you are still struggling with? Try revising them and adding more words to your dictionary.

11 - 15 corrections - Not bad, you maybe need a bit more practise, remember to keep updating your dictionary!

16 - 20 corrections - Well done, you've tried hard, but maybe need to revise one or two rules

21- 25 corrections - Well done! You're a spelling genius!


Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty, mainly affecting reading and spelling. About 10% of the population are affected by dyslexia to some degree.

Dyslexia tends to run in families; it is known that there are several genes that contribute to a genetic risk of dyslexia.

If you are concerned that you may have dyslexia, please contact either your university tutor or your university disability support group, as they should be able to offer you a dyslexia test. If you do have dyslexia, you may be entitled to extra time in exams.

For more information on dyslexia, visit the following websites:

Dyslexia action

The British Dyslexia Association

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