1. Of or pertaining to a side, or the sides; being on the side, or toward the side; lateral. "One mighty squadron with a side wind sped." (Dryden)

2. Hence, indirect; oblique; collateral; incidental; as, a side issue; a side view or remark. "The law hath no side respect to their persons." (Hooker)

3. [AS. Sid. Cf Side] Long; large; extensive. "His gown had side sleeves down to mid leg." (Laneham) Side action, in breech-loading firearms, a mechanism for operating the breech block, which is moved by a lever that turns sidewise. Side arms, weapons worn at the side, as sword, bayonet, pistols, etc. Side ax, an ax of which the handle is bent to one side. Side-bar rule, a rule authorised by the courts to be granted by their officers as a matter of course, without formal application being made to them in open court; so called because anciently moved for by the attorneys at side bar, that is, informally. Side box, a box or inclosed seat on the side of a theater. "To insure a side-box station at half price." (Cowper) Side chain, one of two safety chains connecting a tender with a locomotive, at the sides. Side cut, a canal or road branching out from the main one. Side dish, one of the dishes subordinate to the main course. Side glance, a glance or brief look to one side. Side hook, a cutting tool, used in a lathe or planer, having the cutting edge at the side instead of at the point. Side wind, a wind from one side; hence, an indirect attack, or indirect means.

(01 Mar 1998)

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