<computer programming> (Originally "Schemer", by analogy with Planner and Conniver). A small, uniform Lisp dialect with clean semantics, developed initially by Guy Steele and Gerald Sussman in 1975. Scheme uses applicative order reduction and lexical scope. It treats both functions and continuations as first-class objects.

One of the most used implementations is DrScheme, others include Bigloo, Elk, Liar, Orbit, Scheme86 (Indiana U), SCM, MacScheme (Semantic Microsystems), PC Scheme (TI), MIT Scheme, and T.

See also: Kamin's interpreters, PSD, PseudoScheme, Schematik, Scheme Repository, STk, syntax-case, Tiny Clos, Paradigms of AI Programming.

There have been a series of revisions of the report defining Scheme, known as RRS (Revised Report on Scheme), R2RS (Revised Revised Report ..), R3RS, R3.99RS, R4RS.

Scheme resources.

Mailing list: scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu.

[IEEE P1178-1990, "IEEE Standard for the Scheme Programming Language", ISBN 1-55937-125-0].

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1. A combination of things connected and adjusted by design; a system. "The appearance and outward scheme of things." (Locke) "Such a scheme of things as shall at once take in time and eternity." (Atterbury) "Arguments . . . Sufficient to support and demonstrate a whole scheme of moral philosophy." (J. Edwards) "The Revolution came and changed his whole scheme of life." (Macaulay)

2. A plan or theory something to be done; a design; a project; as, to form a scheme. "The stoical scheme of supplying our wants by lopping off our desires, is like cuttig off our feet when we want shoes." (Swift)

3. Any lineal or mathematical diagram; an outline. "To draw an exact scheme of Constantinople, or a map of France." (South)

4. <astronomy> A representation of the aspects of the celestial bodies for any moment o at a given event. "A blue case, from which was drawn a scheme of nativity." (Sir W. Scott)

Synonyms: Plan, project, contrivance, purpose, device, plot.

Scheme, Plan. Scheme and plan are subordinate to design; they propose modes of carrying our designs into effect. Scheme is the least definite of the two, and lies more in speculation. A plan is drawn out into details with a view to being carried into effect. As schemes are speculative, they often prove visionary; hence the opprobrious use of the words schemer and scheming. Plans, being more practical, are more frequently carried into effect. "He forms the well-concerted scheme of mischief; 'T is fixed, 't is done, and both are doomed to death." (Rowe) "Artists and plans relieved my solemn hours; I founded palaces, and planted bowers." (prior)

Origin: L. Schema a rhetorical figure, a shape, figure, manner, Gr, form, shape, outline, plan, fr, to have or hold, to hold out, sustain, check, stop; cf. Skr. Sah to be victorious, to endure, to hold out, AS. Sige victory, G. Sieg. Cf. Epoch, Hectic, School.

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