1. To a great extent or distance of space; widely; as, we are separated far from each other.

2. To a great distance in time from any point; remotely; as, he pushed his researches far into antiquity.

3. In great part; as, the day is far spent.

4. In a great proportion; by many degrees; very much; deeply; greatly. "Who can find a virtuous woman ? for her price is far above rubies." (Prov. Xxxi. 10) As far as, to the extent, or degree, that. See As far as, under As. Far off. at a great distance, absolutely or relatively. Distant in sympathy or affection; alienated. "But now, in Christ Jesus, ye who some time were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ." Far other, different by a great degree; not the same; quite unlike. Far and near, at a distance and close by; throughout a whole region. Far and wide, distantly and broadly; comprehensively. "Far and wide his eye commands." . From far, from a great distance; from a remote place.

Far often occurs in self-explaining compounds, such as far-extended, far-reaching, far-spread.

<zoology> A young pig, or a litter of pigs.

See: Farrow.

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