carboxylesterasemedical dictionary


<cell biology> Catalyses a carboxylic ester to yield an alcohol and carboxylic acid anion; has wide specificity; also hydrolyzes vitamin A esters; can be used to separate stereoisomers; consider also esterase b which is a serine protease

Registry number: EC

Synonyms: carboxylic ester hydrolase, esterase 1, non-specific esterase, esterase 1f, non-specific carboxylesterase, esterase a4, porphobilinogen esterase, isocarboxazide amidase, esterase 6, aliesterase, ali-esterase, esterase 6a, steroid acetate hydrolyzing enzyme, carboxyesterase, esterase 8, esterase 3, esterase 13, esterase 10, pi-6.1 esterase, carboxylesterase b, carboxyl ester lipase, esterase 12, esterase-s, carboxylate esterase, esterase 29, esterase es-1a, naproxen esterase, esterase 30, non-specific esterase, b-esterase, capsaicin-hydrolyzing enzyme, cap-hydrolyzing enzyme, hydrolase pi 5.6, hydrolase a (rat liver), pi 6.1 esterase, carboxylesterase np, gha deacetylase, esterase 5b

(26 Jun 1999)

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