Noonan's syndromemedical dictionary


The male phenotype of Turner's syndrome, characterised by congenital heart disease, especially pulmonary stenosis, pigeon breast, webbing of the neck, antimongoloid slanting of the palpebrae, and other less regular minor features; autosomal dominant inheritance. It is equally common in males and in females; hence the alternative designation "Male Turner's syndrome" (because of its similarity to the XO karyotype) is confusing.

Nothnagel's syndrome, dizziness, staggering, and rolling gait, with irregular forms of oculomotor paralysis and often nystagmus, seen in cases of tumour of the midbrain.

Nystagmus blockage syndrome, strabismus with eyes and head in a position to minimise associated nystagmus.

(05 Mar 2000)

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