How to get started with presentations

Planning your presentation

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No one can stand up and deliver a presentation without some degree of planning; there are people who can make presenting look effortless, but you can bet they are the ones who have done the most planning!

Your audience will certainly notice if you are making it up as you go along, and won't be impressed. If you can't be bothered to plan, why should they listen?

We have outlined the steps involved in planning a presentation; you'll need to think about...

Activity: planning your presentation - 15 minutes

1. Use the questions listed above to create a list of all the tasks you will need to plan, design and create a presentation

2. Keep a copy of this list to use when you begin to think about your first presentation.

3. You may wish to add to or modify this list after you have completed your first presentation

Recommended Further Reading

The number one thing to bear in mind when you are planning a presentation is the audience. The next page of this topic will help you to 'know your audience'.

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