Of or pertaining to Tartary in Asia, or the Tartars.

<botany> Tartarian lamb, Scythian lamb. See Barometz.

<chemistry> Of or pertaining to tartar; derived from, or resembling, tartar. Tartaric acid. An acid widely diffused throughout the vegetable kingdom, as in grapes, mountain-ash berries, etc, and obtained from tartar as a white crystalline substance, C2H2(OH)2.(CO2H)2, having a strong pure acid taste. It is used in medicine, in dyeing, calico printing, photography, etc, and also as a substitute for lemon juice. Called also dextro-tartaric acid. By extension, any one of the series of isomeric acids (racemic acid, levotartaric acid, inactive tartaric acid) of which tartaric acid proper is the type.

(01 Mar 1998)

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