1. Of or pertaining to a sylva; forestlike; hence, rural; rustic. "The traditional memory of a rural and a sylvan region . . . Is usually exact as well as tenacious." (De Quincey)

2. Abounding in forests or in trees; woody.

See: Silvan.

A fabled deity of the wood; a satyr; a faun; sometimes, a rustic. "Her private orchards, walled on every side, To lawless sylvans all access denied." (Pope)

Origin: L. Sylvanus, better Silvanus. See Silvan.

<chemistry> A liquid hydrocarbon obtained together with furfuran (tetrol) by the distillation of pine wood.

Synonyms: methyl tetrol, or methyl furfuran.

Origin: Sylva + furfuran.

(01 Mar 1998)

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