steryl-sulfatasemedical dictionary


<cell biology> Arylsulfatases a and b hydrolyze nitrocatechol sulfate, but p-nitrophenyl sulfate is hydrolyzed only slightly by both enzymes; arylsulfatase c hydrolyzes both p-nitrophenyl sulfate and nitrocatechol sulfate, low substrate specificity located chiefly in microsomes; a and b are found in lysosomes; arylsulfatase a is cerebroside sulfatase and arylsulfatase b is chondro-4-sulfatase

Registry number: EC

Synonyms: arylsulfatase c, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate sulfatase, steroid sulfatase, estrone sulfate sulfohydrolase, steroid sulphatase, cholesterol sulfatase, dhea sulfatase, 3 beta-hydroxysteroid sulfate sulfatase, estrone sulfate sulfatase, sterylsulfatase, steroid sulfohydrolase, cholesterol sulfate sulfatase, arylsulphatase c

(26 Jun 1999)

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