1. Of or pertaining to Saturn, whose age or reign, from the mildness and wisdom of his government, is called the golden age.

2. Hence: Resembling the golden age; distinguished for peacefulness, happiness, contentment. "Augustus, born to bring Saturnian times." (Pope)

3. <astronomy> Of or pertaining to the planet Saturn; as, the Saturnian year. Saturnian verse, a meter employed by early Roman satirists, consisting of three iambics and an extra syllable followed by three trochees, as in the line: The queen | w<su:acr/s <su:ismac/n | the k<su:ismac/tch | en eating | bread <su:acr/nd | honey.

Origin: L. Saturnius.

<zoology> Any one of numerous species of large handsome moths belonging to Saturnia and allied genera. The Luna moth, polyphemus, and promethea, are examples. They belong to the Silkworn family, and some are raised for their silk. See Polyphemus.

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