A dry granulated starch imported from the East Indies, much used for making puddings and as an article of diet for the sick; also, as starch, for stiffening textile fabrics. It is prepared from the stems of several East Indian and Malayan palm trees, but chiefly from the Metroxylon Sagu; also from several cycadaceous plants (Cycas revoluta, Zamia integrifolia, atc). Portland sago, a kind of sago prepared from the corms of the cuckoopint (Arum maculatum). Sago palm.

<botany> A morbid condition of the spleen, produced by amyloid degeneration of the organ, in which a cross-section shows scattered gray translucent bodies looking like grains of sago.

Origin: Malay. Sagu.

(01 Mar 1998)

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