1. The little wheel of a spur, with sharp points. "With sounding whip, and rowels dyed in blood." (Cowper)

2. A little flat ring or wheel on horses' bits. "The iron rowels into frothy foam he bit." (Spenser)

3. <veterinary> A roll of hair, silk, etc, passed through the flesh of horses, answering to a seton in human surgery.

Origin: OF. Roele, rouele, properly, a little wheel, F. Rouelle collop, slice, LL. Rotella a little wheel, dim. Of L. Rota a wheel. See Roll, and cf. Rota.

<veterinary> To insert a rowel, or roll of hair or silk, into (as the flesh of a horse).

Origin: Roweled or Rowelled; Roweling or Rowelling.

(01 Mar 1998)

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