1. Having a bay, chestnut, brown, or black colour, with gray or white thickly interspersed; said of a horse. "Give my roan a drench." (Shak)

2. Made of the leather called roan; as, roan binding.

<zoology> Roan antelope, a very large South African antelope (Hippotragus equinus). It has long sharp horns and a stiff bright brown mane. Called also mahnya, equine antelope, and bastard gemsbok.

Origin: F. Rouan; cf. Sp. Roano, ruano, It. Rovano, roano.

1. The colour of a roan horse; a roan colour.

2. A roan horse.

3. A kind of leather used for slippers, bookbinding, etc, made from sheepskin, tanned with sumac and coloured to imitate ungrained morocco. Roan tree.

<botany> See Rowan tree.

(01 Mar 1998)

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