1. The act of following or going after; especially, a following with haste, either for sport or in hostility; chase; prosecution; as, the pursuit of game; the pursuit of an enemy. "Weak we are, and can not shun pursuit." (Shak)

2. A following with a view to reach, accomplish, or obtain; endeavor to attain to or gain; as, the pursuit of knowledge; the pursuit of happiness or pleasure.

3. Course of business or occupation; continued employment with a view to same end; as, mercantile pursuits; a literary pursuit.

4. Prosecution. "That pursuit for tithes ought, and of ancient time did pertain to the spiritual court.

<geometry>" (Fuller) Curve of pursuit, a curve described by a point which is at each instant moving towards a second point, which is itself moving according to some specified law.

Origin: F. Poursuite, fr. Poursuivre. See Pursue.

(01 Mar 1998)

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