1. <zoology> The green woodpecker. A parrot. "The pye and popyngay speak they know not what." (Tyndale)

2. A target in the form of a parrot.

3. A trifling, chattering, fop or coxcomb. "To be so pestered with a popinjay."

Origin: OE. Popingay, papejay, OF. Papegai, papegaut; cf. Pr. Papagai, Sp. & Pg. Papagayo, It. Pappagallo, LGr, NGr.; in which the first syllables are perhaps imitative of the bird's chatter, and the last either fr. L. Gallus cock, or the same word as E. Jay, F. Geai. Cf. Papagay.

(01 Mar 1998)

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