1. Any material from which a dye, a paint, or the like, may be prepared; particularly, the refined and purified colouring matter ready for mixing with an appropriate vehicle.

2. <physiology> Any one of the coloured substances found in animal and vegetable tissues and fluids, as bilirubin, urobilin, chlorophyll, etc.

3. Wine flavoured with species and honey.

<physiology> Pigment cell, a small cell containing colouring matter, as the pigmented epithelial cells of the choroid and iris, or the pigmented connective tissue cells in the skin of fishes, reptiles, etc.

Origin: L. Pigmentum, fr. The root of pingere to paint: cf. F. Pigment. See Paint, and cf. Pimento, Orpiment.

(01 Mar 1998)

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