1. The young of swine, male or female; also, any swine; a hog. "Two pigges in a poke."

2. <zoology> Any wild species of the genus Sus and related genera.

3. [Cf. Sow a channel for melted iron] An oblong mass of cast iron, lead, or other metal. See Mine pig, under Mine.

4. One who is hoggish; a greedy person. Masked pig.

A nickname for a quadrant or sextant. A pig in a poke (that is, bag), a blind bargain; something bought or bargained for, without the quality or the value being known.

Origin: Cf. D. Big, bigge, LG. Bigge, also Dan. Pige girl, Sw. Piga, Icel. Pika.

(01 Mar 1998)

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