The occurrence of numerous widespread papules.

Bowenoid papulosis, a clinically benign form of intraepithelial neoplasia that microscopically resembles Bowen's disease or carcinoma in situ, occurring in young individuals of both sexes on the genital or perianal skin usually as multiple well-demarcated pigmented warty papules.

Lymphomatoid papulosis, a chronic papular and ulcerative variant of pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta characterised by dermal perivascular infiltration by atypical T lymphocytes suggestive of a lymphoma; it is usually benign, but transformation to lymphoma has been reported.

Malignant atrophic papulosis, a cutaneovisceral syndrome characterised by pathognomonic umbilicated porcelain-white papules with elevated telangiectatic annular borders, followed by the development of intestinal ulcers which perforate, causing peritonitis; arterioles in the lesions are occluded by thrombosis without inflammatory cells, leading to infarction, progressive neurological disability, and death.

Synonyms: Degos' disease, Degos' syndrome.

(05 Mar 2000)