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An experimental disease in rats, swine, turkeys, and other animals fed the seeds of certain species of Lathyrus (e.g., L. Odouratus, sweet pea), or such nitriles as aminoacetonitrile or beta-aminopropionitrile; the chief pathologic changes occur in connective tissue structures, as follows: 1) fibroblastic, chondroblastic, and osteoblastic proliferative changes in the periosteum; 2) degeneration, necrosis, and atypical proliferation of epiphysial cartilages; 3) an increase in adipose tissue of the bone marrow; 4) sometimes proliferation of synovial membranes; 5) relatively large foci of extensive destruction of elastic fibres in the aorta, especially in the thoracic aorta.

Origin: osteo-+ lathyrism

(05 Mar 2000)