1. <zoology> Any one of numerous fishes of the genus Mugil; called also gray mullets. They are found on the coasts of both continents, and are highly esteemed as food. Among the most valuable species are Mugil capito of Europe, and M. Cephalus which occurs both on the European and American coasts.

2. <zoology> Any species of the genus Mullus, or family Mullidae; called also red mullet, and surmullet, especially. The plain surmullet (Mullus barbatus), and the striped surmullet (M. Surmulletus) of Southern Europe. The former is the mullet of the Romans. It is noted for the brilliancy of its colours. See Surmullet. French mullet. See Ladyfish .

Origin: OE. Molet, mulet, F. Mulet, fr. L. Mullus.

(01 Mar 1998)

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