1. Of or pertaining to a master or magistrate, or one in authority; having the manner of a magister; official; commanding; authoritative. Hence: Overbearing; dictatorial; dogmatic. "When magisterial duties from his home Her father called." (Glover) "We are not magisterial in opinions, nor, dictator-like, obtrude our notions on any man." (Sir T. Browne) "Pretenses go a great way with men that take fair words and magisterial looks for current payment." (L'Estrange)

2. <chemistry> Pertaining to, produced by, or of the nature of, magistery. See Magistery.

Synonyms: Authoritative, stately, august, pompous, dignified, lofty, commanding, imperious, lordly, proud, haughty, domineering, despotic, dogmatical, arrogant.

Magisterial, Dogmatical, Arrogant. One who is magisterial assumes the air of a master toward his pupils; one who is dogmatical lays down his positions in a tone of authority or dictation; one who is arrogant in sults others by an undue assumption of superiority. Those who have long been teachers sometimes acquire, unconsciously, a manner which borders too much on the magisterial, and may be unjustly construed as dogmatical, or even arrogant.

Origin: L. Magisterius magisterial. See Master.

(01 Mar 1998)

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