<zoology> Any large macrurous crustacean used as food, especially. Those of the genus Homarus; as the American lobster (H. Americanus), and the European lobster (H. Vulgaris). The Norwegian lobster (Nephrops Norvegicus) is similar in form. All these have a pair of large unequal claws. The spiny lobsters of more southern waters, belonging to Palinurus, Panulirus, and allied genera, have no large claws. The fresh water crayfishes are sometimes called lobsters.

<obstetrics> Lobster caterpillar, a copepod crustacean (Nicothoe astaci) parasitic on the gills of the European lobster.

Origin: AS. Loppestre, lopystre prob, corrupted fr. L. Locusta a marine shellfish, a kind of lobster, a locust. Cf. Locust.

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