leukotriene d4medical dictionary


(r-(r*,s*-(e,e,z,z)))-n-(s-(1-(4-carboxy-1-hydroxybutyl)-2,4,6,9-pentadecatetraenyl)-l-cysteinyl)glycine. One of the biologically active principles of srs-a. It is generated from leukotriene c4 after partial hydrolysis of the peptide chain, i.e., cleavage of the gamma-glutamyl portion. Its biological actions include stimulation of vascular and nonvascular smooth muscle, and increases in vascular permeability.

Chemical name: Glycine, N-(S-(1-(4-carboxy-1-hydroxybutyl)-2,4,6,9-pentadecatetraenyl)-L-cysteinyl)-, (R-(R*,S*-(E,E,Z,Z)))-

(12 Dec 1998)