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<e-learning, technology> This refers to any entity, digital or non-digital, which can be used, re-used or referenced during technology-supported learning or e-learning.

Examples of learning objects include; multimedia content, instructional content, learning objectives, instructional software and software tools, and persons, organisations, or events referenced during technology-supported learning.

Perhaps a more reasonable definition is a self-contained digital resource which has one (or a small number) of intended educational outcomes and which can be included in a larger course of study, that can be re-used in different educational contexts.

The key points to note here are that it is self-contained, but part of a larger course of study, and the idea of re-use. Without re-use there is little need for the concept of educational objects as their form does not matter if they are never going to be reused.

See: e-learning

(08 Mar 2006)

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