glomus jugularemedical dictionary

<radiology> Most common tumour in jugular fossa with intracranial extension, origin: adventitia of jugular bulb, location: dome of jugular bulb, symptoms: tinnitus, hearing loss, findings: destruction of posterioinferior petrous pyramid and corticojugular spine, soft tissue mass in jugular bulb region, hypotympanicum, middle ear, destruction of ossicles (usually incus), otic capsule, posteromedial surface of petrous bone, MRI: salt and pepper appearance (multiple tumour vessels), angio: hypervascular mass; invasion/obstruction of the jugular bulb by thrombus/tumour; AV shunting, malignant transformation with metastasis to regional nodes (2-4%) see: paraganglioma (glomus tumour)

(12 Dec 1998)