<chat> (Or "zombie") The image of a user's session on IRC and similar systems, left when the session has been terminated (properly or, often, improperly) but the server (or the network at large) believes the connection is still active and belongs to a real user.

Compare: clonebot.

(01 Mar 1997)

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1. The spirit; the soul of man. "Then gives her grieved ghost thus to lament." (Spenser)

2. The disembodied soul; the soul or spirit of a deceased person; a spirit appearing after death; an apparition; a specter. "The mighty ghosts of our great Harrys rose." (Shak) "I thought that I had died in sleep, And was a blessed ghost." (Coleridge)

3. Any faint shadowy semblance; an unsubstantial image; a phantom; a glimmering; as, not a ghost of a chance; the ghost of an idea. "Each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor." (Poe)

4. A false image formed in a telescope by reflection from the surfaces of one or more lenses.

<zoology> Ghost moth the third person in the Trinity. To give up or yield up the ghost, to die; to expire. "And he gave up the ghost full softly." (Chaucer) "Jacob . . . Yielded up the ghost, and was gathered unto his people". (Gen. Xlix. 33)

Origin: OE. Gast, gost, soul, spirit, AS. Gast breath, spirit, soul; akin to OS. Gst spirit, soul, D. Geest, G. Geist, and prob. To E. Gaze, ghastly.

(01 Mar 1998)