gastric carcinomamedical dictionary

<radiology> 3rd most common GI malignancy (after colorectal and pancreas), 95% adenocarcinoma (rarely squamous cell or adenoacanthoma), predisposing factors: pernicious anaemia (2X risk), chronic atrophic gastritis, adenomatous and villous polyp (7-27% are malignant), gastrojejunostomy types: polypoid / fungating, ulcerating / penetrating (70%), infiltrating / scirrous = linitis plastica, increase in fibrous tissue; aperistalsis; rigidity, superficial spreading carcinoma, confined to mucosa/submucosa; 95% 5-year survival, patch of nodularity; little loss of elasticity location: 60% lesser curvature, 30% GE junction, 10% greater curvature probability of malignancy of an ulcer: fundus 90%, greater curvature 70%, lesser curvature 10-15%

(12 Dec 1998)