<ornithology> One of numerous species of birds that feed upon insects, which they take on the wing.

The true flycatchers of the Old World are Oscines, and belong to the family Muscicapidae, as the spotted flycatcher (Muscicapa grisola). The American flycatchers, or tyrant flycatchers, are Clamatores, and belong to the family Tyrannidae, as the kingbird, pewee, crested flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus), and the vermilion flycatcher or churinche (Pyrocephalus rubineus). Certain American flycatching warblers of the family Sylvicolidae are also called flycatchers, as the Canadian flycatcher (Sylvania Canadensis), and the hooded flycatcher (S. Mitrata). See Tyrant flycatcher.

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