1. To hide under a false semblance or seeming; to feign (something) not to be what it really is; to put an untrue appearance upon; to disguise; to mask. "Dissemble all your griefs and discontents." (Shak) "Perhaps it was right to dissemble your love, But why did you kick me down stairs?" (J. P. Kemble)

2. To put on the semblance of; to make pretense of; to simulate; to feign. "He soon dissembled a sleep." (Tatler)

Synonyms: To conceal, disguise, cloak, cover, equivocate. See Conceal.

Origin: OF. Dissembler to be dissimilar; pref. Dis- (L. Dis-) + F. Sembler to seem, L. Simulare to simulate; cf. L. Dissimulare to dissemble. See Simulate, and cf. Dissimulate.

(01 Mar 1998)

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