diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasismedical dictionary

Leishmaniasis caused by several New and Old World species and strains of Leishmania (L. Mexicana amazonensis, L. M. Pifanoi, possibly L. M. Garnhami and L. M. Venezuelensis; in Ethiopia, L. Aethiopica, and unidentified leishmanial agents in Namibia and Tanzania). The condition is associated with a suppressed cell-mediated immune response, so that the non-ulcerating, non-necrotizing cutaneous lesions can spread widely over the body; great numbers of parasite-filled macrophages are found in the dermal lesions. Healing does not appear to occur unless an acquired cellular hypersensitivity can develop.

Synonyms: anergic leishmaniasis, diffuse leishmaniasis, disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis, leishmaniasis tegumentaria diffusa, pseudolepromatous leishmaniasis.

(05 Mar 2000)