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spinal tract of trigeminal nerve
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<anatomy> A compact fibre bundle, comma-shaped on transverse section, composed of primary sensory fibres of the portio major of the trigeminal nerve, descending from the level of the entrance of the trigeminus in the upper pons down through the dorsolateral region of the rhombencephalic tegmentum along the lateral side of the descending or spinal nucleus of the trigeminus, emerging on the dorsolateral surface of the lower medulla oblongata as the tuberculum cinereum, and continuing as far as the second cervical segment of the spinal cord. Its fibres are distributed to the descending or spinal nucleus of the trigeminus.

Synonyms: tractus spinalis nervi trigemini, descending tract of trigeminal nerve, tractus descendens nervi trigemini.

(05 Mar 2000)