corticobulbar fibremedical dictionary

<physiology> Nerve fibre's projecting from the motor and somatic sensory cortex to the rhombencephalon.

Included in this corticofugal fibre system are corticoreticular fibre's terminating in the reticular formation of the rhombencephalon, and corticonuclear fibre's to the motor nuclei innervating the musculature of the face, tongue, and jaws, and to some fibre's of the rhombencephalic sensory relay nuclei.

They terminate directly on some motor cranial nerve nuclei, in the reticular formation, and on sensory relay nuclei, such as the cuneate nucleus and gracile nucleus and the spinal trigeminal nucleus.

See: corticobulbar tract.

American spelling: corticobulbar fiber

(05 Mar 2000)

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