colon carcinomamedical dictionary

<radiology> Risk factors: colonic adenoma, 93% of colorectal CA arises from adenomatous polyps, 5% of adenomas 5mm in size develop into carcinoma, family history and polyposis syndromes, chronic ulcerative colitis, prominent lymphoid follicular pattern, history of endometrial and breast carcinoma, metastasis: liver (25%); retroperitoneal/mesenteric nodes (15%); hydronephrosis (13%); adrenal (10%); ovary; psoas muscle; ascites, risk of: 1% for synchronous colon carcinoma, 3% for metachronous colon CA, 3.8% for extracolonic malignancy, Dukes A: bowel wall; B: serosa/mesentery; C: lymph nodes; D: metastasis

(12 Dec 1998)