1. A combining form or prefix meaning on this side, on the near side; opposite of trans-.

2. <genetics> A prefix denoting the location of two or more genes on the same chromosome of a homologous pair, in coupling.

3. <chemistry> A form of geometric isomerism in which similar functional groups are attached on the same side of the plane that includes two adjacent, fixed carbon atoms (e.g., the 2-and 3-OH groups of ribofuranose) in a ring structure. Identical functional groups on the same side of the double bond are cis-. When the four moieties attached to the carbons of the double bond are all different, then the E/Z nomenclature has to be followed.

Compare: trans-, ultra-).

See: {entgegen, zusammen.

Origin: Latin cis 'on this side of'

(20 Jun 2000)

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