1. Given to, or evincing, thrift; characterised by economy and good menegement of property; sparing; frugal. "Her chaffer was so thrifty and so new." (Chaucer) "I am glad he hath so much youth and vigor left, of which he hath not been thrifty." (Swift)

2. Thriving by industry and frugality; prosperous in the acquisition of worldly goods; increasing in wealth; as, a thrifty farmer or mechanic.

3. Growing rapidly or vigorously; thriving; as, a thrifty plant or colt.

4. Secured by thrift; well husbanded. "I have five hundred crowns, The thrifty hire I saved under your father." (Shak)

5. Well appearing; looking or being in good condition; becoming. "I sit at home, I have no thrifty cloth." (Chaucer)

Synonyms: Frugal, sparing, economical, saving, careful.

Origin: Thriftier; Thriftiest.

(01 Mar 1998)

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