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<statistics> Stanine scores are normalized standard scores with a range of 1 to 9, a mean of five, and a standard deviation of two. Like percentile ranks they are status scores within a particular norm group.

The first stanine is the lowest scoring group and the 9th stanine is the highest scoring group. Advocates of stanine reporting site the fact that the single digit scale is simple and convenient to use and that its use minimizes the apparent importance of small score differences. On the other hand, the stanine scale may be regarded as unnecessarily coarse particularly for relatively reliable tests. For example, all pupils scoring between the 40th and 60th percentiles are assigned a stanine of 5. However, a pupil scoring at the 59th percentile, which is in stanine 5, is probably much more similar in achievement level to a pupil scoring at the 61st percentile, stanine 6, than to one at the 41st, stanine 5.

In some instances the width of the stanine band exceeds the standard error of measurement. Another reservation about the use of stanine scores is that there is evidence that skills development in the elementary schools is more variable in subjects such as reading in which the pupils have many opportunities for advancing on their own than they are in subjects such as mathematics in which pupil progress is more rigidly controlled through placement of concepts and processes in the curriculum.

Changes made in the content, format, and/or administration procedure of a test in order to accommodate test takers who are unable to take the original test under standard test conditions. Timed Tests

A test administered to a test taker who is allotted a strictly prescribed amount of time to respond to the test.

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