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Malpighi, Marcello
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An Italian anatomist, histologist, and embryologist.

An Was Professor of Medicine in Bologna and from there went in 1662 to Messina, returning to Bologna in 1661 demonstrated the structure of the lungs. Has been named the "founder of microscopical anatomy".

Malpighi's Layer - deep layer of the epidermis. Opera omnia. London. 1686. Other structures are named eponymously after Malpighi by various authors.

Lived: 1628-1694.

See: malpighian bodies, malpighian capsule, malpighian cell, malpighian corpuscles, malpighian glands, malpighian glomerulus, malpighian layer, malpighian nodules, malpighian pyramid, malpighian rete, malpighian stigmas, malpighian stratum, malpighian tubules, malpighian tuft, malpighian vesicles.

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