To insert scions from one tree, or kind of tree, etc, into another; to practice grafting.

A small shoot or scion of a tree inserted in another tree, the stock of which is to support and nourish it. The two unite and become one tree, but the graft determines the kind of fruit.

A branch or portion of a tree growing from such a shoot.

<surgery> A portion of living tissue used in the operation of autoplasty.

Origin: OE. Graff, F. Greffe, originally the same word as OF. Grafe pencil, L. Graphium, Gr, fr. To write; prob. Akin to E. Carve. So named from the resemblance of a scion or shoot to a pointed pencil. Cf. Graphic, Grammar.

1. To insert (a graft) in a branch or stem of another tree; to propagate by insertion in another stock; also, to insert a graft upon. [Formerly written graff.


<surgery> To implant a portion of (living flesh or akin) in a lesion so as to form an organic union.


To join (one thing) to another as if by grafting, so as to bring about a close union. "And graft my love immortal on thy fame !" (Pope)


To cover, as a ring bolt, block strap, splicing, etc, with a weaving of small cord or rope-yarns.

Origin: F. Greffer. See Graft.

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