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Flip Chip Pin Grid Array
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<computer hardware> (FC-PGA) The package of certain Intel Celeron and Pentium III processors. FC-PGA processors fit into Socket 370 motherboard sockets.

The Flip Chip Pin Grid Array is similar to PPGA, except that the silicon core is facing up and the heat slug is exposed.

FC-PGA packaging is used by Pentium III processors, and Celeron 566 processors onward. Earlier Celeron processors used PPGA packaging.

Celeron processors are also available in Slot 1 SEPP packaging and Pentium III processors in Slot 1 SECC2 packaging.

Adapters are available to allow a PPGA Celeron to plug into a Slot 1 connector.

Acronym: FC-PGA

(01 May 2000)

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