The external or limiting line, either real or imaginary, of any object or space; that which limits or restrains, or within which something is limited or restrained; limit; confine; extent; boundary. "He hath compassed the waters with bounds." (Job xxvi. 10) "On earth's remotest bounds." (Campbell) "And mete the bounds of hate and love." (Tennyson) To keep within bounds, not to exceed or pass beyond assigned limits; to act with propriety or discretion.

Synonyms: See Boundary.

Origin: OE. Bounde, bunne, OF. Bonne, bonde, bodne, F. Borne, fr. LL. Bodina, bodena, bonna; prob. Of Celtic origin; cf. Arm. Bonn boundary, limit, and boden, bod, a tuft or cluster of trees, by which a boundary or limit could be marked. Cf. Bourne.

(01 Mar 1998)

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