Definition of Bangle

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Definition of Bangle

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"The definition and traditional meaning of the word bangle, is a stiff solid round ring approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter that slips over the hand and loosely hangs on the wrist. A bangle can be gold, crystal or leather, formed from minerals like amber or jade, beaded together with enamel or acrylic bead and even tied together with bamboo. Modern bangle designs incorporate a hinged and clasp system that opens and closes around the wrist. A bangle can be thin or chunky in design depending on the individual taste and fashion statement.

The difference between a bangle and a standard bracelet is a bangle bracelet is solid and rigid in material design; in comparison, standard bracelets typically incorporate a flexible link or sting design. To slip the bangle on you compress the hand placing the thumb towards the little finger and gentle slid the bangle over the hand. The width of bangle is slightly smaller then the hand preventing it from falling off.

The word bangle dates back to 1787 and derives from the Hindi bangli and earlier Hindi bungri referring to glass. On an historical note, earlier versions of shell and copper bangle rings have been discovered on several archeological sites in India dating back up to 2500 years. Today bangle jewelry merchants continue to sell their products in many open street markets through out the world.

Wearing of bangle jewelry is common in India especially among the Hindus who wear bangles as a sign of marital status. Married men will sometime wear a single bangle called a kada. It is also customary for the father of a Sikh bride to give the groom a gold ring... "

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